Saturday, June 16, 2012

Double L Field – “Cutting” the field.

If this was a recipe, the ingredients would be few:
Ø  Spray can of white marking paint

Ø  100ft. measuring tape

Ø  Roll of string

Ø  Zero Turn Mower (which we already had or it would bust our $20 budget)

We found the exact measurements of a Little League baseball field. (Pic on Pinterest)
We started by where our home base would be and measure across to second base, from there to pitchers mound and also to first and third bases. It seems simple but for our measurements to come out perfect it took us a couple of hours.
My husband then use the lowest cut on the mower to mow the skinned area of the field, and we stretched the string from home to first and third base and painted the lines.
We didn’t name the field right away, but now it is called Double L Field. Our last name starts with LL and also stands for Little League!
Our first game, which had 4 players: me, husband, daughter and son, where the family would work on getting the batter out… Was a complete blast! Even the dogs where playing

I am now closer to Joshua’s Party and looking forward to updating this blog with all the details! Stay tuned for field care tips!
Play Ball!

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