Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baseball Pompoms

I once saw these pompoms made of tissue paper, but they were only one color. For the baseball party, I wondered if I could make these to look like baseballs.
I would say it got pretty close, since everyone I asked what it looked like, answered with: “A baseball!”
I used 16 sheets of tissue paper for each pompom. That made it look really full. I have seem instructions saying anywhere from 8 to 12 sheets, but I thought it needed more. I got the tissue at the dollar store.

1) To start, lay 4 sheets of white tissue paper, 2 sheets of red, another 4 of white, 2 of red and 4 of white.

2) Fold the paper as a fan, about 1 inch thick.

3) Once you are done folding the tissue, fold in the middle.

4) Tie the middle of the pompom with a “pipe cleaner” (found at craft stores)

5) Cut the edges of the paper in a round shape. The completed pompom was cut V shape, I found that a round shape looks MUCH better, but I forgot to take pictures!

6) Gently separate each sheet of tissue to form your pompom. Be extremely gentle because the tissue paper is very delicate and it can easily rip.

7) Separate all sheets on both sides and ta-da, baseball pompom is ready!

8) Hang your pompom with fishing line, this make it looks like they are floating. (This picture is of my first try at this pompom, and I cut the edges V shaped. When the edges are cut round, it looks much better!

Thanks for reading!

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